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Seven years later...
Suzaku twirled the stalk of mistletoe between his thumb and index finger idly, staring at but not really seeing it as the memory of his first kiss (unplanned and embarrassing as it was) played out in his mind.
The bed creaked, a warm body shifting closer to his own, and Suzaku’s train of thought immediately halted. He turned his head to glance over his shoulder, allowing a smile to curve his lips upwards as Lelouch’s arms snaked around him from behind. Tired violet eyes were gazing coolly at the plant in Suzaku’s hands; he must have just woken up.
“Mistletoe?” he asked, amused, as he reached out to touch it. “Where’d you find this?”
“In the student council room,” Suzaku replied, grinning as he turned over onto his other side. “The decorations for the Christmas festival came in yesterday.”
Lelouch, who was in charge of the student council’s funds, did not appreciate hearing that Suzaku had stole
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..::..WARNING!  Boy x Boy BL, if you don't like, don't read please!..::..
Why is it that every time Lelouch looked at Suzaku, he blushed?
The black haired teen would sit in class and try to stay awake, but with one smile from Suzaku, his whole body froze and became hot.  The teacher would call on him, and he would be flustered and not know the answer.  As he sat down, the whole class perplexed as to why he didn't know the answer.  
They would eat lunch together, and Suzaku would nonchalantly try to feed Lelouch something, not knowing how much it hurt Lelouch when Suzaku joked around about being romantic.  Sometimes Suzaku would try to hug his friend after school at Ashford, and Lelouch would push him away, face red as a cherry.
One day, Suzaku had to ask.
"Lelouch...?  Why are you acting so weird?  We used to be best friends, but whenever I try to talk to you, you walk away or stutter.  You a
:iconhappy-milky-sunshine:Happy-Milky-Sunshine 70 16
SuzakuXLelouch, memories
Walking through the corridors of Ashford academy, the silver moonlight made its way through the frosted glass windows.
Zero, once known as Suzaku, stopped and faced the glowing light. It seemed to radiate a beauty…just like he did. Zero frowned and felt his heart sink; this academy was going to be demolished soon.
No one came here anymore because people were afraid; afraid because the ‘crazy’ deceased emperor had gone here for education and were worried that this place would influence their children.
Which of course was absolute nonsense; well to Zero it was.
The empress Nunally allowed her faithful guardian to take once last look at it; being the caring empress she is she knew that the boy behind the mask was still attached to this place.  Because this place…that time…contained memories of…him…painful but beautiful memories.
“Yeah ******…”
“…I’m sorry…”
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Devious Secludedness prt 1
Yaoi Warning
Ever since Suzaku had arrived at Ashford Academy, Milly had been pestering Lelouch on how they knew each other.
"Please tell me?"
"No Milly."
"But I have to know, I know basically everything else about you." Milly grinned in excitement and hope that Lelouch would tell her more about his life.
"Oh leave him alone Milly, you'll weasel it out of him another time!" Rivalz smiled at Milly
By this point Lelouch had stormed out of the room and into the bathroom. He slowly washed his face in cold water to wake himself up. Lelouch sighed and hung his head while holding onto the sink.
"Lelouch? Are you alright?" Suzaku slowly walked into the bathroom and looked at his friend
"Yeah, I'm fine." Lelouch dried off his face with some paper towels
Suzaku leaned on the wall watching Lelouch's every move. He always seemed to be fascinated with the way Lelouch moved, he was so gentle yet dominant with the way he did things.
"Nothing..." Suzaku scratched his head a bit and look
:iconivanx7x:IvanX7X 32 7
SuzakuXLelouch, First Love
Would you call this first love? The moment where you feel as though everything around you is nothing compared to this person you are faced with? Would you call this happiness being with the one person that is able to make your heart stop with one touch?
What would you call this?
He’s breathing down my neck as I hold him tightly in my grasp. His timid body was quivering in my arms…his timid…heh…it scares me how skinny he is. It scares me how emotionless he was until now. It scares me to know that after tomorrow he won’t…exist. I had never felt so much despair and happiness before.    
This would be our last moment, our last moment to be together. The tears were streaming, crashing down, leaving it’s subtle but noticeable mark on my shoulder. His tears felt like tons of weight falling down onto me, creating this heavy feeling within my chest and stomach. Wo
:iconkaiiluvu:Kaiiluvu 47 23
SuzakuXLelouch, Existance
“I hate Britannians. Especially their prince!”
“I am not the Britannian Prince… Neither a Britannian… It has been ruled I am dead… Therefore, Lelouch Vi Britannia doesn’t exist and neither do I!”
Ironic, wasn’t it? You, who felt like you were dead, were now actually dead; killed in front of the many eyes of the world… and in front of his.
What was it like to die?
That was what Suzaku’s question was; how did it feel when the cold, steel blade penetrated your pale, silk-like skin? How did it feel when you felt the blade inside of you drain your life away, causing the blood to pour turning your robes from white to a strawberry pink to crimson red? How did it feel, knowing that the one who did this… was your best friend? That the one pulling out the blade was your best friend? That the one you were contently smiling at, with sad, amethyst eyes was your best friend?
:iconkaiiluvu:Kaiiluvu 40 43



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Taylor Valenzuela
United States
I am a Shadamy fan.I think they are the cutest couple.But no offence to the Sonadow fans,or Sonamy fans.I also love Silver.
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I hate Justin Bebier so I love this Comment.

98% of girls would scream and cry if Justin Beiber jumped off a cliff,copy this into your siggy if you're that 2% standing there with a bag of popcorn yelling "DO A FLIP!!"

Trunks from Dragonball Z is my fav character!

i am 100% crazy and proud!
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W.. From thinking Shadow's Emo.
cause he's not, he's just so badass

Favourite genre of music: Rock,heavy Metal
Favourite photographer: anyone that does Anime
Favourite style of art: Anime
Favourite cartoon character: Konita,Shadow,Panty,Android 18,Pan,And Trunks
Personal Quote: If you don`t like it,get away.
Hey guys I`ve been watching this anime called Durarara!! and it`s AWESOME! It`s got blood, cute girls, hot guys, and many other things too. Me and my best friend AKA my 2nd sister Shadamyfan have been watching and reading the anime and manga, WE LOVE IT!! My fav girl in the anime and manga is Celty and my main two boys that are my favorite are Izaya and Shizuo! She also loves them. Our fav yaoi couple is IzayaXShizuo because they look so perfect together and they`re HOT!

Me and Rose have fallen in love with them, she drew some pictures Izaya and Shizuo together and I LOVE THEM!! Anyone who is intrested in watching or reading this Anime/Manga it`s called Durarara!! like I`ve been saying. Me and her will continue to watch and read this anime/manga so stay tuned. We wil be both posting on my Journal about different animes and mangas we watch and read.

That`s all for now. PEACE!!
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